Sea-Doo Winterization

Don't Be Fooled By Bargain Priced

"Full Winterization" 

Chances are- It's Not Either (Full Winterization OR a Bargain)

This is how it is SUPPOSED to be done, and how we do it at Talbot Power Sports! 

Winter storage procedure as prescribed by Sea Doo:

Propulsion system

1.       Jet pump cleaning. Spray with water to remove sand & debris, coat with XPS lube.

2.       Jet pump inspection. Remove reverse gate and impeller cover, check lube in jet pump.

3.       Inspect wear ring & impeller. Inspect wear ring surface for wear. Inspect impeller for   wear &  damage to blades.

4.       Drive shaft corrosion protection. Coat driveshaft and components with XPS lube.

Fuel system

1.       Fuel system inspection. Check fuel tank, hoses & clamps

2.       Fuel system protection. Treat fuel with stabilizer, fill tank*.

3.       Lubricate throttle body with Sea Doo storage oil.


1.       Oil & filter replacement. Change engine oil, filter & appropriate O-rings.

2.       Intercooler draining (if equipped). It is very important to expel any water from the intercooler (procedure varies by model).

3.       Exhaust system protection. Drain exhaust manifold with air pressure.

4.       Coolant. Replace antifreeze for freeze protection and corrosion protection.

5.       Internal lubrication. Sea Doo storage oil into each cylinder. Install new spark plugs.

Electrical system

1.       Battery removal. Remove battery, clean, charge, test and  store battery.

2.       Maintenance reminder. Check computer memory for fault codes. Reset maintenance reminder.

Personal watercraft

1.       Remove drain plugs.

2.       Lube cables. Lubricate steering & reverse cables.

3.       Bilge cleaning. Clean bilges with detergent, rinse thoroughly, drain completely.

4.       Body and hull cleaning. Wash body and hull with mild detergent specified for boats.

5.       Anti-corrosion treatment. Wipe down engine compartment, spray all metallic components with XPS lube.

Parts typically used:

1 – XPS lube                                                               

4 – O-rings for pump nozzle and lube check

1 – Starbrite fuel stabilizer                                    

4 – Quarts of Sea Doo oil

1 – Sea Doo oil filter                                                  

3 – O-rings for oil change

3 – NGK spark plugs                                                  

1 – Sea Doo storage oil

1 – Ban Frost 2000 non-toxic, biodegradable anti-freeze                               

4 – Quarts of Sea Doo coolant

Note: sequence of tasks is very important.

*fuel used to fill tank extra